Aboriginal Smart Start Entrepreneurship Training Program
The Aboriginal Smart Start Entrepreneurship  skills Training TM ( ASSET TM)  is a customized learning opportunity delivered within your community or organization integrating culturally-relevant curriculum and program delivery methods. The curriculum blends contemporary and traditional teaching methods with Aboriginal cultural values and perspectives embedded into the delivery.

Participants will obtain skills in business plan development, market research, analysis and strategies. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify their gifts and talents to make their vision a reality.
  • Identify viable business ideas that will make a profit.
  • Understand about Local, Regional & Global opportunities.
  • Assess the cost of starting their business and sustaining it for at least the first year.
  • Research, gather and document individualized information required to create a comprehensive business plan.
  • Make effective presentations to submit application for funding to appropriate agencies.
  • Apply the tools, methods and systems required to efficiently run their business.
  • Understand  and appreciate the key attitudes, characteristics, behaviors and business skills required for success.
  • Set challenging and attainable business goals.

Need Funding ?

Through our strategic partnerships we have been successful in obtaining Millions of dollars from Federal & Provincial Governments and private Investors to contribute funding for socioeconomic and community development initiatives for Aboriginals in Ontario. ACE can assist in securing funding to cover costs associated to this entrepreneurial training opportunity for your First Nation or Aboriginal organization.